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Le Figaro
"Inventive and passionate, the pianists Naïri Badal and Adélaïde Panaget fall into the category of the great duos, like the Labèque sisters."
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"With their expressive eloquence and contagious energy, they are at the moment the French piano duo that prevails in France and internationally."

In 2007, Naïri Badal and Adélaïde Panaget formed the Jatekok Duo, which means “game” in Hungarian. An idea that has become their signature.

In the trail of their albums “Danses” and “The Boys”, largely acclaimed by critics, each of their concerts offers a musical cocktail full of dynamism and expressiveness.

They often perform as soloists at the Roque d’Anthéron Festival, the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Seine Musicale in Paris, the Salle Flagey in Brussels, the Louvre Auditorium, as well as at the Opera of Tours, the Folle Journée of Nantes and Warsaw, the Shenzhen Philharmonic, the Hong Kong Concert Hall and also in Guatemala…

They also seize every opportunity to present original projects to the public, be it through drawings on sand, mime or hip hop. They don’t fear challenges, and they have been offered to do the first gig of the German metal group Rammstein concert at the Nîmes Roman Amphitheatre.

Naïri Badal and Adélaïde Panaget have conquered an audience that recognises their sincerity, their complicity and their talent. Jatekok: to play the piano, to play with the piano with four hands, with two pianos, classical, contemporary, with the public, with other musicians and other artists, this is the essence of their Duo.