Duo Jatekok plays Rammstein

out on 20 May 2022

Discover the covers of Rammstein at 2 pianos! Inspired by composers such as Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninoff or Prokoviev, this recording is an encounter between the world of classical and metal.

Soloists at the Théâtre du Châtelet and the Seine Musicale in Paris, passing through the Salle Flagey in Brussels and the Warsaw Opera, the Duo continues its journey to the Shenzhen Philharmonic, the Hong Kong Concert Hall and the BBC Scottish Hall. In a pianistic dialogue, the French ladies seize every opportunity to present original projects to the public. Poulenc, Dave Brubeck, John Williams or Tchaikovsky, the musical openness of this duo propels them into stadiums in front of more than 50,000 spectators as the first part of the metal band Rammstein.

In the press :

The indus-metal in intimate version proves to be totally bluffing under the fingers of the instrumentalists who make Rammstein enter a parallel world. Dazzling! DNA
The duo sublimates this collaboration by offering us a cover of Rammstein's flagship tracks, incorporating with finesse their musical influences: an album that also bears the traces of Poulenc, Dave Brubeck, John Williams or Tchaikovsky. A clever and original cocktail, deliciously balanced RTBF

Carnaval des animaux- Poulenc concerto

out on 11 May 2022

Alex Vizorek revisits Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of the Animals. The French composer never imagined that his bestiary would become one of the most famous works in musical history, a staple repertory piece on a par with Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. The Belgian comedian and actor has rewritten the text of this ‘grand zoological fantasy’, which he narrates here alongside Duo Jatekok and the Orchestre National de Lille under the direction of Lucie Leguay.  To celebrate the centenary of Saint-Saëns’s death in 1921, Duo Jatekok also presents another of his biggest hits, the Danse macabre , in its version for four hands. Naïri Badal and Adélaïde Panaget, the orchestra and Lucie Leguay bring this colourful parade to a close with Poulenc’s flamboyant Concerto for Two Pianos , premiered at the Tenth Venice Biennale in 1932.

In the press :

Duo Jatekok are willing collaborators in a performance which never fails to impress in the energy of the playing and the buzzing electrical charge running through the whole thing" Music web international
"The stories marry humor and pedagogy through their nods to our time as the duo Jatekok paints musical portraits alongside a formidable team. Suddenly, the hackneyed works of Saint-Saens turn out to be as sparkling as the bright colors of Poulenc's brilliant concerto, perfect complement in this won bet" Pianiste
The musical production is perfect, Lucie Leguay conducting the Orchester national de Lille with lightness and humour, and the pianist duo Jatekok is breathtaking, as in Poulenc's Concerto which completes the program, marvelous in its transparency and lightness, with sometimes very lively tempos and fast passages, reminiscent of the spirit of the Carnival finale." Classica
"On a droit au Concerto pour deux pianos, de Francis Poulenc, musique de fête foraine avec flonflons et jeux de massacre que le duo Jatekok investit avec brio." Le Monde
"En compagnie de l’humoriste Alex Vizorek qui offre un texte drôle et moderne, l’Orchestre national de Lille sous la direction pétillante de Lucie Leguay et le duo pianistique Jatekok donnent un coup de jeune à ce petit bijou musical qui plaîra aux grands comme aux petits. Le complément de programme est tout aussi intéressant, avec l’ébouriffant Concerto pour deux pianos de Francis Poulenc. Un génial « fourre-tout » où se mêlent gamelan balinais, Mozart et bastringue parisien. Une pépite où les interprètes brillent de mille feux. " La Voix du Nord
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Les Boys

out on 23 February 2018

“Les Boys”, that give this programme its title, are the two American pianists, Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale for whom Poulenc wrote his amazing Sonate pour deux pianos in 1953. A perfect synthesis of the composer’s genius, the Sonate is here associated wiith other pieces that also balance between various aesthetic worlds. Much like Dave Brubeck’s Points on Jazz, Baptiste Trotignon’s 3 Pièces are a marvellous link between jazz and chamber music, each piece being dedicated to a classical master (John Adams, Martha Argerich and… Francis Poulenc). Splendid programme by the duo Jatekok’s “girls”.

In the press :

These artists get it right with their sense of colour and contagious energy. Cherry on the cake, Poulenc’s Elégie is played with a lyrical and dreamy nonchalance. Pianiste
The Jatekok Duo master the balance between technical constraints and nonchalance in an absolutely perfect and convincing way.. SWR2
The impressive Duo Jatekok pay hommage to a distinguished American piano duo of yesteryear, Golg and Fizdale-les boys of the title The Sunday Times (UK)
Undeniably an original CD”, it must be a joy to play, and the Jatekok “Girls” play to their heart’s content. Throughout all these pieces, they exert tremendous vitality, communicative eloquence, science of colour and astonishing adequation to idioms as different as those of Poulenc and jazzy tunes. On-Mag
Suberbly synchronised, Adélaïde Panaget and Naïri Badal pitch both works to perfection, the dry witnestling nicely alongside the introspection. And Alpha's clse, rich sound is an asset, preventing any hint of sentimentality. The central Elegie is a treat, before a dizzying, motoric finale. Fantastic stuff. A joyous disc! The Arts Desk
The phrasing that these two artists create between each other is only equalled by their impeccable tempo and rhythm, their intense sonority and the ardour they give to these pieces. Great art! Classica
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out on 10 February 2015

For their first recording, the Jatekok Duo invite us for a stroll around dance through “minature” pieces in their 4 hands piano version.From Grieg’s charm to Ravel’s perfume, from Barber’s humour to Borodines’s radiance, there is not an ounce of monotony in this programme full of optimism, energy and enthusiasm.

In the press :

On the cover of this first record, they are like playful girls, one wearing a short black lurex dress (Adélaïde Panaget), the other wearing shocking pink trousers (Naïri Badal). The two girls of the Jatekok Duo ("play", in Hungarian), created in 2017, have everything going for them: dynamic rigour and eloquence, expressive keyboard and polyglot touch, and above all, a sort of exhilarating osmosis - two musical and soul sisters. Whether it be Borodine's sensual ardour, Ravel's elegant Iberic vertigo, Grieg's legends' sombre and popular poetry, or Barber's nostalgic humour, their charismatic duo is very convincing. Long live the Jatekok Girls! Le Monde
The Jatekok Duo has just published "Danses", an opus in their image: audacious and colourful. Classica
Inventive and passionate, the pianists Naïri Badal and Adélaïde Panaget fail into the category of the great duos, like the Labèques sisters. Le Figaro
For a first record, this is a masterpiece! this record is much more than a visiting card, It allows this new duo into the particularly selective world of important musical groups. Pianiste
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